Star Objects & Archive Reveal

Among the archive we got from London College of Communication, there are boxes of delicate printing samples in 20th century,  collected by Charles London Pickering. To classify them, they are menus, booklets, poems, storybooks, and education materials. According to our theme of the exhibition, we choose mostly menus from printing societies to display in the window gallery to show the Circles of Influence in the British Print Industry. But in the blog, let me introduce our other star objects in the 20th century.

While being astonished by the well-designed graphics and layouts, we found a rare piece of metal menu that made in 1947. It is as big as a palm and well packaged in a brown paper envelope, which shows the collector’s treasure of it.


Metal Menu, July 5th 1947

Except menus made of different materials,  we also found fun menus made into special shapes-cube. They are for the Double Crown Club, made in 1972.



Menu of Double Crown Club, 12th December 1972


This is the 2nd menu of Double Crown Club, which is the oldest menu, made in 1924.

2nd Menu of Double Crown Club,1924


A Short History of Paper Making in the North-East. By C.F. Maidwell


A Short History of Paper Making in the North-East.

German Novel,1936


German Novel,1936


Russian Picture books. In the LCP Archive, we got nearly 30 small Russian picture books. They are fairy stories or poems for children, well designed in color.



Russian Picture books.

Russian Picture Books

Russian Picture Books


If you want to see more about the print in 20th century, please see in our exhibition.


Exhibition: 28 April 2014, Monday – 6 May 2014, Tuesday

Venue: Window Gallery, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4AA


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