8 Hours and 476 Plates Later…

…our exhibit Eat Drink Print is now up at the Lethaby Window Gallery at Central St. Martins. Yesterday, our weeks of research, designing, and planning our display, the big day arrived. Our design team sketched out plans and we scoured every corner of London for props and materials to create a “behind the scenes” look in the gallery. Signage was designed, proofed, edited and printed. Archival material was mounted. We debated how to best show the historical items without compromising the fragile paper and condition. Display strategies were mocked up and tested. We printed and cut out hundreds of circles for the back wall. The archival material was finally packed up and made the journey from London College of Communication to Central St. Martin’s on Monday morning and work was underway.

With a detailed game plan for the day, it was all hands on deck as the team assembled the exhibit. We started with the dozens of circle graphics on the back wall, which had to be perfectly measured and aligned in a grid pattern. Next, we hung the large exhibition sign on the left end of the gallery. After testing the light levels in the gallery and finding them on the high end, we decided to cover one end of the gallery where sunlight was streaming in to preserve the materials and so a canvas shade was constructed and raised up. Then the fun part. Plates, wine boxes, beautiful silver tableware, white tablecloths, bone cutlery… and the archive. The next couple of hours was spent positioning, coordinating between team members inside and outside of the soundproof gallery, and putting everything into place until it looked just right down to the last fork.




We also held a special event last night to coincide with the exhibition. With beautiful food courtesy of Le Pain Quotidien and wine provided by Terrus winery, our special guests Will Hill, Colin McHenry, Rebecca Wright sat down at our table alongside two students from the MA CCC course, Anya and Rhianne, and the hosts Eva Tyler and Lisa Kim. The conversation covered print history and it’s power and influence in society then and now. It was a fascinating discussion that ranged from traditions of the Double Crown Club to the political posters up around London right now. And it was interesting to see the “circles of influence” play out right at the dinner table. Will and Colin mentioned that they had only met last month while speaking at a conference, which was surprising since I assumed they had known each other for years. But it turned out that they discovered that Will had done some illustration work many years ago for Colin when he was at the Radio Times. A chat revealed that Rebecca and Will had mutual colleagues and acquaintances in the print and design field. Our discussion really could’ve gone on for hours..



The team effort and coordination was unbelievable and I know I speak on behalf of everyone when we say we  are very pleased that our hard work is finally on show.

Stop by the Lethaby Window Gallery at Central St. Martin’s at King’s Cross this week. The gallery is accessible 24/7 as it is part of the exterior of the building (around the corner from the CSM Museum) until next Monday, 5th May.

Star Objects & Archive Reveal

Star Objects & Archive Reveal

Among the archive we got from London College of Communication, there are boxes of delicate printing samples in 20th century,  collected by Charles London Pickering. To classify them, they are menus, booklets, poems, storybooks, and education materials. According to our theme … Continue reading

Press Release – Eat. Drink. Print. – an exhibition about the circles of influence in the British print industry

Eat. Drink. Print.

An exhibition about the circles of influence in the British print industry

Presented by MA Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins


Exhibition: 28 April 2014, Monday – 6 May 2014, Tuesday

Venue: Window Gallery, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4AA


Opening Event: 5pm, 28 April 2014, Monday

Venue: Platform Foyer & Bar, Central Saint Martins, King’s Cross, London,N1C 4AA


Eat. Drink. Print. – Circles of Influence in the British Print Industry is a project curated by the MA Culture, Criticism and Curation at the University of the Arts London (UAL), Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.


This exhibition is the product of research on the uncatalogued archives of Charles London Pickering (1908 – 1998), a British print educator and Inspector of Education (HMI) whose personal archives are now part of the UAL Archives and Special Collections Centre located at the London College of Communication.


Eat. Drink. Print. explores a part of Pickering’s archive, his collection of beautifully designed and printed menus and memorabilia from the lunches and dinners of some of Britain’s most prestigious printing societies, eg the Double Crown Club and the Wynkyn de Worde Society. These private dining clubs were made up of some of the most influential typographers, print designers, illustrators and publishers of 20th century London. The exhibition moves beyond Pickering’s collection to explore the influence of print.


A parallel event will be held on April 28th, 2014 at Central
 Saint Martins. A panel of expert guests will recreate a modern day version of a society dinner. Over wine and food they will discuss print, typography, and the related social and political issues of today.


Blog: https://eatdrinkprint.wordpress.com

This blog is part of the exhibition’s research that examines the relation between technology developments, social changes, the rise of graphic design sphere and printing societies clubs. (For more information click here)


For more enquiries, please contact:

Sylvia CHEN

E: s.chen5@arts.ac.uk

More high-resolution photos available upon email request.


Behind the scenes: a glimpse to the exhibition’s design process

The exhibition EatDrinkPrint will be presented as a window display at Central Saint Martin’s Museum and study collection window gallery. The opening event will try to recapture the dinners of the print societies in London from the Twenties to the Seventies. It would hold a discussion with print and politics experts over food and wine. Save the date: Monday 28.4 at 5:00 pm.

Printing Association Dinner, probably Double Crown Club. Date Unknown

Printing Association Dinner, probably Double Crown Club. Date Unknown

The window display has been conceived as a “behind the scenes” of the dinners and lunches that were hold by print societies and clubs. it was a sphere for networking, especially focused on develop individual careers and lubricate business.

When the idea came out we thought we may display lunch noise through an artificial mess during preparation and table settings. Starting from this point our work has been focused on finding objects related to the dining table: dinner set, table cloth, chandelier, wine bottles and wooden boxes, ceramics, everything for recreate a convivial atmosphere.

Charles L pickering with a friend. Date unknown

Charles L pickering with a friend. Date unknown

We discovered an amazing place where is possible to hire all this fabulous props: The National Theatre Hire Place (in Oval). here are some pictures of what we’ve found that really sparked our imagination.

The National Theatre Hire Place

The National Theatre Hire Place

The National Theatre Hire Place

The National Theatre Hire Place

The National Theatre Hire Place

The National Theatre Hire Place

The National Theatre Hire Place

The National Theatre Hire Place

On top of these objects we would display the most important archive materials, such as pictures, menus, newspapers and more.

We are getting into the real production stage now and it is interesting to see how our idea be undertaken. You are all more than welcome to come and see it.


Oh, just one more thing: free food on the opening night. Do we need to say more?

For more information about EatDrinkPrint click here